Show Season

Show Season

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Several bloggers have commented that I need to post more pics of Riva (and this was my only New Year's Resolution), and I plan to do this.  Some tax return money is ear marked for a fancy new camera.  In the meantime, we have lovely cell phone pics!

            Please pardon the muddy lower legs, eeiiree glowing eyes, and general bad arena lighting!

The lovely, very fuzzy dirty, Riva modeling her brand new County Connection Saddle!

Was so excited to see a large UPS package waiting at the barn last night when we arrived.  Love the smell of new leather!  I purchased leathers and a girth from County also.  Just need to save up for new stirrups...and a few new bit...the list could go on and on. 

For now - totally LOVE the saddle and Riva agrees.  My rep will be out one day next week to final fit it to Riva, which is included in the purchase price.  I lunged her in it first, did some in hand work, then hopped on.  Feels great - very comfortable!  I have not rode Riva in a dressage saddle for 3 months, so it took a little getting used to.  Basically, once I got myself oriented, it was much easier than riding in the jump saddle.

Riva's walk was great last night in the new saddle - very swinging - and her halts were much quicker and smooth.  We have been working a lot on walk to trot transitions and she felt good with those last night.  I did not canter yet - I am still working on myself in canter and will most likely wait until a lesson.

So the concensus is...well worth the waiting and saving to get a custom saddle.  Most of the boarders at our barn ride in Countys, so they were very excited for me, as well. 


Miranda said...

Ha you should see Pippis legs, she is a muddy mess. Riva looks very shinny. Have fun using the new saddle (:

Emme said...

So glad to see pics of the new saddle on Riva. Looks great. So happy you are thrilled with it. I want a new saddle too, ours is terrible after using the one at lessons.
Riva is stunning

Yvonne said...

Such a gorgeous horse :) Saddle looks great, too. Glad it passed the initial test!

Karen said...

She looks sexy in her new saddle!! Congrats!

Chelsea said...

I love County! So worth the wait and money.

SprinklerBandit said...

Lovely saddle, lovely horse. Win win.

Carol said...

She's gotgeous. Nice saddle. It must feel great.

achieve1dream said...

The new saddle looks great on her!! Of course Riva could make everything look great lol. I'm glad it's comfortable and she seems to like it too. :D

Sarah Y. said...

I see the heart! (Or cute snail.)

P.S. I love how everyone who commented has a horse in their icon.