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Show Season

Friday, January 13, 2012

Lunging for transitions

Riva is easily bored in the dreary months of Winter.  Both Riva and I would much rather ride in the outdoor...but we do live in Indiana.  I try and think of new things to do in the indoor to keep the Diva's mind engaged.  She easily gets used to any type of rountine and then, constantly anticipates what I am going to ask of her.

My trainer worked with Riva a few weeks ago and the first thing she did was lunge her.  She did things differently than I had been - she constantly asked Riva for transitions up and down during the lunge lesson.  She specifically made sure Riva was quick into the transition - as soon as she asked.  I realized in watching the lesson that I had gotten lax about this. 

I have been lunging Riva for a few weeks now - not every time I ride, but at least every other time.  Riva likes this new 'game'.  She still tries to anticipate and guess what I am going to ask for next.  Here is a bit of what we have been working on:


Miranda said...

She is a beautiful mover. I love her canter. Wish Pippi enjoyed lunging, tho I hate it too.

DancingHorses said...

She is so cute just looks like she is SOO excited to be doing what you ask her too. beautiful markings as well!

Emme said...

Thanks for posting a video. She looks great, beautiful horse

achieve1dream said...

She looks so fantastic and is as beautiful as ever!