Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Watching My Girls

Lex and Riva that is :)  Lex came home Sunday from her summer working student position and went to the barn with us last night - first time since June 1st!  She was able to compete at Penny Oaks Horse Trials at Hoosier Horse Park in Edinburgh over the weekend - first sanctioned eventing show for her.  Lex and Henny competed in Beginner Novice and did fantastic - double clear in stadium, one refusal in xc (which Lex said was her mistake - Henny took it the 2nd time), and a respectable dressage test.  It was fun, exhasting, great experience.  Pics and videos to follow!

I wanted to see Riva being ridden - no one but me has ridden her since spring and no one but me has ridden her since having her feet issues addressed.  I feel like she is going so much better and forward - but wanted to watch her go.  Lex offered to ride her for me.  I wish now I had taken the video camera...another time.

I warmed Riva up on the lunge - outside in the dressage arena.  She had not been worked since last Thursday - except for a brief lunge on Sunday night when we brought Henny back from the show.  Riva was happy to lunge - forward and listening.  I hoped on her in the jumping arena.  We started in walk - no issues.  First time I asked for trot, she balked briefly and then went to trot.  I had a couple of discussions with her on direction - she wanted to follow Henny, as Lex was riding him in walk in the jump arena.  We got that sorted out and she worked nicely in trot, both directions, and then I handed her over to Lex.

I got on Henny and stood in the middle of the jump arena to watch Riva.  Lex got Riva moving with a nice swinging walk - then moved up to trot.  Lex commented right away on how much better she felt and how much easier she went to trot and kept the tempo.  Lex pushed her to trot faster and Riva went in to canter on the left lead on her own.  Lex was able to keep her in canter, with mild cues, around the first corner before Riva broke to trot.  Lex put her on the right rein and Riva offered canter again, on her own - yeah! (this being Riva's more difficult lead)  Riva picked up the correct lead every time last evening.  And Riva offered a lovely, almost extended trot when Lex briefly sat her trot (so pretty!).

After cantering both directions, Lex gave Riva a bit of a walk break.  When she asked her to pick up trot again - Riva argued...cowkicks, bucks, head tossing.  Lex got after her and got Riva moving again.  Riva cantered both directions one more time and we decided to end on that.

It was wonderful to watch Riva being ridden and see what I have been feeling.  Even though I don't like Riva balking - it was good to know it is not just me.  Hoping it is just a young horse, mare thing that she will outgrow....soon.

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achieve1dream said...

I bet the balking is just age. You'll work through it. Just stay consistent.

I'm glad your daughter did so well at the show. I can't wait to read the post about it.

I'm happy Riva is doing so well. I'm glad you figured out what was going on and got her hooves addressed. I bet she's a happy girl.