Show Season

Show Season

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Daughter Training The Diva

Lex rode Riva again on Tuesday and Thursday evening.  This video is from Tuesday - she started her in the jumping arena - but it needed drug...rock hard.  So off to the dressage arena where Riva likes to try and leave :)

Riva was much improved over Sunday - no rearing, a few small bucks and kicks.  But for the most part, was ears forward and happier.

Thursday was much the same - less fighting and more willing.  I rode Riva briefly each time after Lex finished.  On the off days, I am lounging her and working her in hand.  We plan to add one more day of riding after her farrier appointment this coming Wednesday. 


achieve1dream said...

Brat! I'm glad she's getting better.

You know, watching the video . . . could it be something to do with the canter? She runs into it and appears to have trouble holding it (canter), but I don't know if that's a young horse/lack of experience thing or a soreness thing. Interesting. She is definitely being bratty though. I'm glad your daughter is there to help you out.

Kelly said...

Riva is much improved at the canter since this video. Lex has been riding her about 5 days a week and Riva's canter is getting stronger every ride.

I think it was just young horse, learning her balance thing. And her brattiness is coming less and less.

AHHH...growing pains :)

achieve1dream said...

That's really good to know. I figured that's what it was since she's still young. :) I'm so happy your daughter is home to ride her and put some miles on her for you.