Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Coming Right Along!

Fergie and I journeyed back to FHF at the end of May to lesson with Korin.  She was happy with the progress we had made since dressage camp in late April.  Her homework was more transitions - work on a square instead of a circle with outside turning aids emphasized - balance and straightness in the canter.

This was Fergie's first solo trailer trip since we brought her home and she was very anxious - lots of movement in the trailer and came off sweaty.  Was proud of her for settling right in for the lesson though and she was not distracted by the farm horses in the nearby pastures.

Riva is off due to knee joint injections - she will have her 3rd and final treatment this coming Saturday.  After 3 days of stall rest, she can slowly be put back to work and we will see if this helped with her arthritis.  Fingers crossed!


Jen said...

Nice progress! You look so good on her!

Austen Gage said...

Fingers crossed for Riva! Seems like you're keeping busy with Fergie, though! Lots to learn ahead on both ponies, I'm sure!

SprinklerBandit said...

Fingers crossed for Ms Riva.

emma said...

Fergie looks great! Hopefully Riva will be feeling better soon too!

Nicole said...

Straight at the canter... You mean that is possible? Could you tell Roscoe that. She is looking really great. Hope Riva bounces back.

Tracy - Fly On Over said...

Fergie is looking good!