Show Season

Show Season

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Little Fun in the Snow!

Last Sunday brought 30 degrees temps to the frozen tundra of Indiana so we headed out for a
 quick ride.

Alexis joined us and got on her first - I thought Riva might be a bit of a Diva considering the horses had been kept in for the better part of the week, but she was super!

This was my 3rd time riding Riva in the snow and our first time to canter in it.  So fun :)

After cantering I told Alexis and my husband, "This is why we have horses!" 

Riva wears shoes year round so we kept the ride short.

Many thanks to my amazing husband for the beautiful pictures and standing around
 in the snow for us!


Austen Gage said...

Yay! So fun! :)

Monica Vollmer said...

These are the prettiest winter pics!!

Malin said...

Looks great! Love seeing your happy smile