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Show Season

Monday, July 22, 2013

Catching Up

My last post involved my anniversary, job hunting, and Riva's lameness...

1)  Anniversary celebrating was delayed due to husband's traveling for work, but we went out for a great dinner that weekend.

2)  Still job hunting...have had 4 interviews since we moved.  Turned down one job offer, declined
a second interview at two others, and didn't get offered the one I really wanted.  In the mean-
time of searching for the right job, I am going to do some volunteering at Kentucky Horse
Park and Riding for Hope at KHP (super excited about both!).

3)  Lameness update - Riva will have a final re-check by the vet this afternoon.  If all goes well,
back to full work tomorrow!

The Diva, NOT enjoying her two days of stall rest.

After a thorough lameness exam two weeks ago, re-shoeing per vet instructions by new farrier, ultra-sound last week, two days of complete stall rest, one week of 20 minute walk rides under saddle - I believe Riva is 100% sound now, but will wait for the vet's opinion later today.

It all began with a lost shoe on her club foot where she lost a good bit of hoof.  Farrier did not think her normal special steel bar shoe would stay on and went with a wedge aluminum shoe.  After two rides and two days in that shoe, she was lame on the left front and her left knee was inflamed. 

Vet came out and did a lameness exam, blocking of the left leg, and x-rays of both front feet and her left knee.  Her knee is about the same as it was two years ago - but was noticeably swollen.  He injected her knee and put her one a daily bute-like mediation and a topical anti-inflammatory cream.  He also talked with the farrier about putting her front feet back the way the were prior to the lost shoe. 

Farrier came out and re-shod both front - putting them back the way our former farrier in Indiana had them.  He was not very happy about it and said the right front was not going to stay on (week and a half later, it is still on).

Vet came back the following week to ultrasound the left lower leg, thinking their might be a suspensory injury.  Thankfully, everything looked fine on the ultrasound.  He watched her on the lunge and she was improved on the left front from the week before.

I have walked Riva under saddle her the past week - the work has been good for both of us...walking with contact is not our strong suit.  We may or may not have snuck in a trot circle each way yesterday, just to see how she is doing...I think she will pass her lameness re-exam today :)

On a whole different subject, I am going a tomato plant for the first time ever!

Took this pic last week and it has already grown past the top of the cage. Can not wait for some home-grown tomatoes!

A big thank you to Hillary of equestrianathart for holding a contest that I won!  Riva will soon be getting a bag of  Whinny Nicker Horse Treats courtesy of Standlee Hay. 


Carly said...

Ugh, nothing worse than farrier frustrations. Hopefully Riva gets the go-ahead to get back to work today!

Jen said...

So good to see an update from you guys, I miss hearing about the Diva! Good luck on the job search!

Austen Gage said...

My fingers are crossed for a good vet check on Ze Diva, and a big boo to farrier troubles. Chalk that up to "experience", huh?

Good luck with that tomato plant! Mine are growing like weeds, too!

Karley said...

Ohhh fingers crossed for good news!!!

And how exciting about your KHP opportunities!!!

Lauren @ She Moved To Texas said...

Good luck on the job hunt! Finding the right job is tough.

Kat said...

Sending good vibes your way for good news :-)

L.Williams said...

Fingers crossed for the job and that Riva stays sound

Hillary said...

Bummer about not finding a job but how cool to be able to volunteer at the KHP. And ditto the above. It is nice to have a diva update- we missed you!

Your treats shall be in the mail tomorrow- I think ;)

achieve1dream said...

That's exciting about the volunteer work! How cool!

I hope you find a job soon. I despise job hunting.

I'm glad Riva is doing better. I can't wait to see what the vet says.