Show Season

Show Season

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy Horses

Super ride on Riva today that left me smiling!  We opted for the indoor today due to last nights heavy rains which seemed to bring out the bugs.

The Diva is now getting 3 meals a day on her new feed - plus all the grass hay she wants - and plenty of Kentucky bluegrass.  Couple that with training rides with Alexis, hacks around the property (complete with legit hills), and canters in the pasture and you have a horse that is changing rapidly.  She had a day off yesterday and I was completely surprised with her energy level today, happy attitude, and much more prompt response to aids. 

No new pics today, so will post a pic of Cheers, our OTTB, instead:


We moved Cheers to a new barn today - he is a cribber and the barn owner at the first barn did not want her babies picking up the habit (very small place, we were one of two boarders, plus the BO's horses).  I think the new place will be better for all of us, actually, so not upset in the least about the move.  Cheers is used to a herd and went out with two geldings today with no issues what so ever. 
The new place has an indoor and large outdoor and is between our house and the barn where Riva is - will be much easier to see both horses everyday. has a bathroom :)


L.Williams said...

Sounds like a good move for all!

Hillary said...

Rub the bathroom in why don't you ;)

Hope that cheers is happy in his new digs!

Emme said...

Bathrooms can very well tip the scales in favor of one place over another. :)
Glad things are working out so well.

Aoife said...

Great to hear that Riva is enjoying life in Kentucky - sounds like a great move for Cheers.

Kat said...

Sounds like KY agrees with you and your horses :-)

T Myers said...

Hope cheers likes the new digs...wish people knew cribbing is not contagious!

Karley said...

Cheers is cute!! What are you guys doing with him? Maybe I missed that?!

Yay Bathroom! lol

achieve1dream said...

I'm glad Cheers is in a new barn where he can have a herd. Sounds like they are both happy and I know that makes you happy. :D