Show Season

Show Season

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mud Sucks

This is what I arrived to on Sunday afternoon:

No work for the Diva until farrier can fix this shoe.  If she loses a back shoe, I can still ride her in the indoor.  But a front?  No riding due to her club foot / bad knee without both front shoes. 

I can not complain too much - first time this winter she has lost a shoe or in this case, shifted a shoe almost off her hoof.  Mud is horrible right now.  We get a few hours above freezing everyday just to have it fall below freezing at night. 

What to do...I could start on this:

Oh, Riva loves this :)  Actually, she is not horrible for mane pulling.  My daughter tells me many horses she works with have to be sedated.  But I am slow at it - takes me a few days to get it done.

Pre-shoe shift, we are making progress on the 1 loop portion of the Training Level Test 3.  Canter transitions are improving,  Downward transitions are better than upward.  Waiting on our Coggins paperwork to arrive in the mail in order to mail off our first shows entries for 2013.

Already looking forward to the weekend as our temps are supposed to be the 50's!


Jen said...

Mane pulling when it's cold outside?! Connor looks like a poor neglected mountain pony all winter, as I refuse to pull manes in anything below 45. Thankfully he is good for it too and doesn't even mind me getting whole handful and nearly pulling him off his feet.

What is your first show of the year going to be?

Mona Sterling said...

Ah, mane pulling. So far, I've been lucky that my trainer gets embarrassed when the Princess' mane starts to get long and shaggy. I will just show up and her mane is magically pulled! I think it's because they're afraid I'll grow it back out to an Arab mane if they don't pull it.....and they're right.

Kelly said...

Jen- a little cold, right?! Notice the carhart jacket and gloves :) First show will be Heartland at Edinburgh in April!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I admire your dedication! No mane pulling for me unless I can do it without gloves! :P


Hillary said...

Bummer about the "flat tire". Hope it gets fixed soon. As for mane pulling... Houston is awesome about it but I suck at pulling. His mane is perfect thickness wise so supposedly I need to learn to "break" the hair and not pull it out. But that doesn't work.

Stanthehorse said...

I pull manes with a stripping comb used for dogs, makes it much easier and looks just as nice. My first show will probably be Heartland as well! I had planned on the March CAF show but this winter has sucked and I don't feel ready.