Show Season

Show Season

Monday, July 16, 2012

Camp / Show Wrap-Up

Alexis competed her project horse, Lillith, at the CAF Combined Show on Saturday.  Poor little mare had to be tired...Alexis, too.  But they perservered and rose to the occasion by placing First in the Starter Event Derby with a 32 in Dressage and no jumping faults!  Not bad for the first show for Lillith and three weeks of training Alexis put on her.

Pic from camp:

A potential buyer came and watched her compete on Saturday -  little girl just getting started in eventing.  What young girl would not want a sweet cute black mare?  Hope they end of taking her home instead of Lillith heading back to Chicago.  Would be fun to see her around at local shows.

Pics from the show:

Alexis also rode her first Second Level dressage test in a schooling show...she was a bit nervous but did a great job.  I was even more nervous than her - I was her reader!  I had to ask how to pronounce Renvers :)  Proud of my daughter!  Hope I can become as lovely of a rider as she is someday.


Emme said...

Great pics. I have no doubt you are on ur way to becoming s great rider.

Karen said...

Very cute little mare!

Miranda said...

Awe, congrats to her. She has a lot of talent to put into some horses.

Amy said...

She is a gorgeous rider! I really missed camp this year. I didn't even make it out to audit :(.